Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pete Teo embraces the races

Pete Teo has set out to heal his country, one pretty Pan-Asian at a time. This Malaysian singer-songwriter has put on his Bob Geldof hat and embarked on a inter-artiste song project involving people of various colours and creeds. He's got artistes like Ning Baizura, Awie, Jacklyn Victor, Melina William and Attilia to sing snippets, and he's doing a video too, directed by Yasmin Ahmad and starring, among others, Tony Fernandes, Shebby Singh and Maya Karin. The end product will be released as a free download (the song, not the pretty Pan-Asians).

Well done, Pete. Let's see: singer-songwriter, actor, writer, racial harmoniser, Geldofer—pretty soon, you'll need a new wardrobe for the many hats you're wearing. Because everyone knows you must have a hat for everything you do. Like me. I just picked up raccoon bombing last week, and so I bought a hat yesterday. It's tangerine, with purple polka dots. Cost me just three bucks, and 15 raccoon rectums. Good stuff comes cheap, y'all.

Pete Teo - Who For You? (from Television)

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