Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Cypress Hill
Black Sunday

Price: S$6.95

You know that experience you get when you listen to stuff today that you heard when you were a teenager, and you suddenly realise that what you thought the artiste meant at that time, and what the artiste actually meant, were two vastly different things? You know the feeling of "Oh, why didn't I see that then" that comes when you discover that those lyrics you had been reciting during family dinners were actually about something else, but your puerile brain was too untainted to pick it up and you didn't get why your aunts and uncles kept staring at you and holding bars of soap, all ready to shove it into your mouth?

You know how all that feels, right? Good on ya. Cos I don't have the slightest clue. Since I was five months old, I totally understood everything I heard. Like, 2.4 seconds after I heard something, it would be seamlessly registered itself through my mega-developed frontal lobe, efficiently processed via a myriad of firing synapses and neurons, and make complete sense. Nothing got by me, I'm telling you.

And so Black Sunday? Heard it when I was 12. And yup, instantly got the whole thing. Snap-a-da-fingers. So picking it up one recent afternoon in a prissy Singapore record store was a no brainer. 'Hits From The Bong'? Still sounds like an ode to King Kong's cousin. And 'Legalize It'? Of course they were talking about passing a law that would let us keep penguins for pets. And that whole 20-point tirade in the CD liner notes about the benefits of some grassy plant? Hmmm... now that one's still got me stumped. I never could read good.

Cypress Hill - Break 'Em Off Some (from Black Sunday)

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