Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fad of the land: Tennent's Mutual

There are three reasons why Scottish beer is unlike any other beer in the world.

First, look at the never ending stream of musical geniuses birthed from the throes of those smoky bars. The Braithwaites and Murdochs and Kapranos of the land seem to find little trouble in spewing forth those mighty fine tunes, no doubt birthed in between hearty helpings of that most potent spirit of theirs.

Secondly, you've got Lager 2.0. Scot brand Tennent's Lager has invited fans to participate in the organisation of a music festival through its new venture, Tennent's Mutual. A £150,000 fund has been set up, and those who sign up before 30th June get to decide on all aspects of the event's logistics, including who should be in the line up, where it should be and how much tickets should be. The advisory board includes the Rolling Stones' Andrew Loog Oldham and Babyshambles' Drew McConnell, and the festival is scheduled to take place in October or November of this year.

Thirdly, people who drink it become maths whizzes. They are instantly able to work out Pi to the 12 trillionth 345 billionth 981 millionth decimal point. They can solve problems normally reserved for Yale's Algorithms 901 class with the speed and efficiency of a German police car.

Fourthly, I drink it.

Link: www.tennentsmutual.com

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