Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Release: Jerome Kugan - Songs for a Shadow

I used to have a shadow friend. And you must be thinking, 'what a sad kid, to have not only an imaginary friend (Kundu) but to have also a shadow friend as well'. I can assure you, there's nothing sad about it. It's because I had so many friends that I decided that I should eat lunches on my own, watch movies on my own, not date ever and talk to my shadow friend.

Ah yes my shadow friend. Such soul mates we were. She (actually I have no idea if it was a he or a she but hey, would you rather your shadow friend be closer to Jack Black or Olivia Wilde? That's what I thought) would always follow whatever I did. It was almost as if she had telepathy or something. It was really quite freaky. Then I started to fall in love with her. I bought her flowers, chocolates, 1kg of choice pork cuts etc. But she rejected me. She would always stare blankly while I waited for a reaction. But then she continued to follow me around, mostly in the night. I can't understand women sometimes, such lovely but confused creatures. She is still following me around until this day, I am not sure what she wants anymore.

Track list:

1) I Like
2) Tomas
3) This Excellent Love
4) The Miracle
5) Flowers
6) Song for the Service Industry
7) Lightfalls
8) Mother
9) A Shadow
10) The Magic Word
11) The Little Cat Song

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