Saturday, April 19, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin


Price: RM9.90

I have many bad habits.

One of the foremost is of course chewing on my finger nails, which remains a cherished and useful habit, particularly when I am on long drives alone or when it's at the end of the month and Louie from the coffee place down the street from my house won't hand me 4-day old bread anymore.

What most don't know is that when I was heck of a lot younger, I also had a habit of sucking on my little toe. Yeah, I've never been one to go the easy route and suck thumbs cause that would be physically far too easy. I decided that the little toe was the way to go. I used to suck it even when I was walking in a mall. And yes I know you're wondering, 'How the heck do you do something like that?' I am proud to admit that I did it. Wasn't easy. Not many people in the world can go browsing around Kiki Lala while sucking on their left little toe but hey, I take great pride in doing things that other people can't do. Like making nuclear bombs from shredded paper and breeding super-powerd zombies.

The Polyphonic Spree - Move Away and Shine (In a Dream Version) (from OST Thumbsucker)


morikuma said...

Please link to this site.

yoongbing said...

Where is the bargain bin? Hook me up. I could not seem to find such good bargain in the one at my nearest pasar malam.

The Geek said...

You gotta search around dude. Check out record stores and look for some useless bin they have at the corner. Takes patience. You may find things.

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