Monday, April 14, 2008

Fad of the Land: Muxtape

I've made some killer mixtapes in my time. When I was 12, I combined avocado, carrot and apricot with a copy of Vitalogy, and blended it to throat-soothing perfection. Then when I turned 21, I took my cousin's Abbey Road reissue and added cranberry juice, turkey breast and my uncle's nine iron. I'm telling you, it was fully swingin', mate.

Huh? Whaddaya mean I got the concept wrong all this while? What, you mean I was actually suppsoed to listen to those mixes instead of drink them with rib eye steak? Well how the heck would I know that! Sheesh. Fine. Go make your own mixtape at Muxtape. Supposedly, they're all about making and sharing digital mixtapes. The 'right' kind, so they say. Oooooo.


mixtapes and cellmates - Distance Blinding Lights (from If There Is Silence Fill It With Longing) [BUY]

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