Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ronnie Khoo releases music video

Furniture frontman Ronnie Khoo releases his first music video, 'Scoffsyrup'. It's a song he scored for indie director James Lee's 2006 flick Before We Fall in Love Again, and features scenes of a typewriter being fed, carressed and generally fawned over.

Ummhmm. Twisted? Trippy? Yup, all the "T" adjectives that you can think of. Huh. what do you mean you can't think of any? Let me help you: turtle-powered, tortoise-munching, truck-driving, terrapin-skinning, tilapia-sucking. See, that was peasy as ease. Now go find me 20 more.

Furniture - Penguine (rare unreleased track)

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