Friday, April 25, 2008

Fad of the Land: Beemp3

I seriously like consuming things in small portions.

Which is why I like Beemp3. It's a site that aggregates from other sources, just like Hype Machine to give you a searchable database of mp3s. The beauty is that it actually provides you with the direct link so you can actually download the tracks off the site. Yeah, no more having to stride through a weepy post about a weepy blog just to get to that cool Dogs Die in Hot Cars track.

Sorry what was I saying before? That's right, yeah I do like things in small portions. Take coffee for example, while others do the conventional thing and drink it off a mug, I prefer to split them into 125 small little drop-tubes. That way, I can have 125 drops instead of one giant slosh. And some pork noodle seller once told me when I was 10 that 125 is always better than one, always. Is 125 Olivia Wildes better than one? I rest my case. The man was a genius.


Minipop - My Little Bee (from A New Hope) [BUY]

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