Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sick Of It All Live in Malaysia: May 25th

Buzz ... (radio static)

Now I look down the harbor. All manner of boats, overloaded with fleeing population, pulling out from docks. Streets are all jammed. Noise in crowds like New Year's Eve in city. Wait a minute ... The ... the enemy is now in sight above the Palisades. Four — four great machines. First one, a tattooed bald headed mean SOB is crossing the river. I can see it from here, wading ... wading the Hudson like a drunken idiot that's had too many Snack Plates in a mosh pit.

A bulletin is handed me...

Tiger beer cans are falling all over the country. One outside of Tanjung Malim, one in Sentul ... Jinjang ... seem to be timed and spaced ... all in May to take over this country.

Now the first machine reaches the shore. He stands watching, looking over the city with a bottle of Bud in his hand. His bald, cowlish head is even with the skyscrapers. He waits for the other baldies. They rise like a line of new towers on the city's west side ...

Now they're lifting their hairy tattooed hands. This is the end now. Hair comes out ... black armpit hair, drifting over the city. People in the streets see it now. They're running towards the Klang River ... thousands of them, dropping in like rats.

Now the hair's spreading faster. It's reached Times Square. People are trying to run away from it, but it's no use.

They're falling like flies.
Sick Of It All - Step Down (from Scratch the Surface)

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