Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fad of the Land: Grooveshark

In a similar way to how Revver took the YouTube model and put dollars in the hands of video uploaders, Grooveshark has spread the wealth of the MP3-buying world. Moving beyond the iTunes song-buying template, the money that comes from buying a song will be shared amongst the copyright holder, the chap who put the song up for sale, and Grooveshark itself (the catch: songs have to be purchased first before they can be resold).

It's pretty savvy, I gotta say. So what inspired you lads to come up with this? Well, according to The Gainesville Sun:

Two young entrepreneurs decided that it isn't immorality driving the younger population to steal music, but rather convenience. Illegal downloading programs make it easy to listen to some good tunes.

Ahhhh... that makes such sense. You know, I said the exact same thing to the cops last weekend when they caught me driving a stolen ice cream truck. I told them that I had an unnatural ice cream obsession, and so my shrink advised me to keep a ready supply in my driveway, rather than have to make the trip to 7-11 every two minutes. One of the officers gave me a sympathetic look, and they were about to walk away, when six bodybags tumbled out of the back. For some reason, my reasoning that I was stocking up on organs so I wouldn't have to take the trouble to visit the organ donor clinic in times of emergency didn't sit well with them. Damn, they make some nasty prison cells these days.

Link: www.grooveshark.com

Citizens Here and Abroad - You Drive and We'll Listen to Music (from Ghosts of Tables and Chairs) [BUY]

[Update 8/4/08: Ben from Grooveshark notes in the comments that you don't actually need to buy the songs to sell them; you can just upload your own library. Man, this is even cooler than a rainbow popsicle.]


bwc said...

Thanks for the write, Pantsy! I'm Ben (Grooveshark employee), and I'm desperately concerned about your ice cream addiction. As a former ice cream addict myself, don't lose hope--the prison folks are understanding.

"(the catch: songs have to be purchased first before they can be resold)."

Not true! We don't ask any questions about the where the music users upload originated, and putting your catalog up is totally free. Actually, the only thing you can't do on Grooveshark without paying is when you actually download/purchase a song.

Thanks again, Pantsy. Hit me up if you need anything (rocky road excluded).

Pantsy said...

Hi Ben,

Oh, thanks for the correction, will fix that. Yeah, the prison guard just brought me a tub of vanilla. He's nice.


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