Friday, April 4, 2008

B-Side Of The Week - The Exploding Boy

The Cure
The Exploding Boy (from the In Between Days single)
(Fiction Records)

How about a classic b-side? Yeah, I sure do dig classics. Just like that time, when my teacher told us to cut out stories from the papers and i hunted down a mint copy of The New York Times from 7 August 1945, the morning after Hiroshima's bombing. I cut up the front page and used it for show and tell. I don't know why but everyone was so disapproving.

And I remember the time when my friend had his nine-year old birthday party and his mum told me to bring some extra orange juice. I didn't know where mum kept all the jars, so I hunted down this 1775 Royal Copenhagen blue glaze porcelain pitcher. I went over, plonked it on the table and said "here's the orange juice". His mum fell over and was concussed for three weeks.

Now I really don't understand why people don't like me handling classics. Which is why, in the course of writing this blog, I've decided to withhold from giving you a real classic, and serve up something from 1985 instead. 1985? Blergh. Wasn't that like, a few days ago?

The Cure - The Exploding Boy

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Anonymous said...

Truely the most incredible b-sdie of all time......great call.

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