Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Week's Track 9 - Transistor, No Way by Emily's Sassy Lime

Five days ago, I arrived home after work and my food processor asked me for 20 bucks. something about going out to the movies with a date. I said "blender, stuff you".

Four days ago, I woke up late. When I woke my alarm clock and asked it what happened, he asked me for asprins to nurse a splitting headache. I said "time-piece, in your dreams".

Three days ago, my memory stick refused to be read, and when I asked him if everything was okay, he said he wanted the new Jaguar XF one week upon its local release date. I told him "thumb, suck on it".

Day before yesterday, my mosquito racket broke down the door of my den, took the chainsaw and threatened me with certain mutilation if I didn't take down my newly bought Dali original, to which I said "zapper, buzz off".

And so it culminated yesterday when I was interrupted mid-dinner by my radio, who threw a plate down and said "if you don't give me a viable alternative to your gross Korean pop, i'm gonna start playing Barbra Streisand's Memory on infinite repeat!". To which I said "transistor, no way". And that jerk had the gall to start up the Babs number. good thing I smashed it to pieces before the first note.

Maybe he misunderstood me. I actually meant this song.

Emily's Sassy Lime - Transistor, No Way (track 9 from Desperate, Scared, But Social)

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