Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Gin Blosssoms
Congratulations... I'm Sorry


Price: RM10

Some things from your teenage years stay smashing all the way into adulthood. Take for instance Gin Blossoms' Congratulations... I'm Sorry. Wipe away two decades of dust, crush the spiders inside the jewel case and it might as well be 1996 again.

Alas, not all nostalgias are like that. Case in point, my teenage sweetheart. When I met her, she was a honey-dripping bambi-eyed painter who spent her Saturday mornings as the captain of the gymnastics team. Boy was she something on my uneven bars. Today, she has maggots crawling out of her face and a beer dispenser surgically mounted into her lower back. She just sits there all day, getting drunk and letting the flies move in and out of her cheeks. What a waste. I almost married her.

Gin Blossoms - Not Only Numb (from Congratulations... I'm Sorry)

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