Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the papers today...

Contrary to popularly held notions, child sex predators can't be fussed with social networking sites. Research in medical journals shows that they're more likely to pick their prey via chat rooms. Though I reckon that if they start improving their Scrabulous, the stats might sway a tad.

This story reminds me of: Efterklang - Prey and Predator (from Tripper)

Emo kids in Mexico are being bashed. Since a couple of weeks ago, a wave attacks have been taking place across Mexico City. Supposedly, these have been instigated by non-emo types who can't stand the gay-friendly fashion sense that often comes with the genre. No word on whether the Get Up Kids have started an emergency task force.

This story reminds me of: SUBS - So Fine Emo (from Down)

The Wall Street Journal mulls an all important question: at what age should your kid be allowed to start surfing the Internet? It is, of course, linked to another all-important question: at what age should your kid start downloading James Blunt? Man, it's tough growing up.

This story reminds me of: Faker - Kids On Overload (from Addicted Romantic)

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