Friday, April 25, 2008

In the papers today...

Thai activist Chotisak Oonsoong is being charged with insulting Thailand's king by refusing to stand up when the country's national anthem was played at the start of a movie (as is practiced in Thailand). What the cops didn't know was that he wasn't really sitting down; he had simply lapsed into a coma upon discovering he was about to watch Norbit.
This story reminds me of: Radiohead - The National Anthem (from I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings)

Health organisations are calling for the end of sex education programs that only promote abstinence till marriage. The reported rationale is that such programs aren't any better at discouraging premarital sex. The real reason, of course, is that they deny teenagers the chance to make condom balloons.
This story reminds me of: Neutral Milk Hotel - Song Against Sex (from On Avery Island)

Hard Rock Cafe has just launched its first theme park in South Carolina. Ingeniously christened Hard Rock Park, some highlights include a Led Zeppelin rollercoaster, a 'Born In The USA' section and a 10,000 seat amphetheatre. Nevertheless, early reports aren't good; sources say kids are crying at the sight of the Mick Jagger plush toy.
This story reminds me of: Belle & Sebastian - The Rollercoaster Ride (from The Boy with the Arab Strap)

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