Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Groove Armada join Bacardi

Groove Armada might have just out-Radioheaded Radiohead. In this mondo-cool era of scorning the big record label, these dance daddies have signed up with Bacardi for a four-track EP and a deal that allows the company to use the duo's songs for promo shindigs.

Bacardi? All I gotta say is that when you got rum rompers funding your ass, it's no wonder you'd only record a four-track EP. Smashin', y'all.

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Groove Armada - If Everybody Looked the Same (from Vertigo)

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Anonymous said...

I think your blog rather misses the major point that faces artists today (of which i am one at very lowly level of course) who are trying to create music and get it out to as many people as possible - whether live or recorded. this is their livelihood, its how they support their families i would have thought. That being the case why wouldnt you seek to do a deal with a partner that maybe doesnt take 80% of your recorded earnings paying you back 20% (once you have paid back the advance they gave you of course). Why wouldnt you want to use them to help you take you music to new markets where a major label hasnt been able to break your music because of internal politics where the japanese label dont get on with the UK.

re the EP i would have thought that that made sense, seeing as it takes around 18 months + to write an album - maybe they are planning to drop some tunes via the EP that indicate what a future album in 2009 might sound like.

I think these deals are easy to knock - but if you actually think about the industry and the artists within it and the challenges they face for longer than, say, 5 seconds - it probably makes a lot more sense.

It certainly seems a bit more complex (and i have to say interesting) than your rather simplistic analysis seems to suggest.

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