Monday, April 14, 2008

Gig-gles: The Times Chronicles Showcase

Ah, the joyous decadence of going out on tour.

Well in theory is isn't seriously a tour seeing as it's a five date tour spanning nearly two months. Which is to say the members of Malaysian indie band The Times could probably get themselves hitched to about 560 wives, climb everest six times or go on an intergalactic space mission in Klandathu between dates if they wanted to.

But hey, we here in Malaysia take pride in our bands going out on tour, mainly because they don't. So like the 8-year old one-armed astronaut with asthma, we love to cheer them on. They have booked some pretty excellent regional talent for support as well. The retro poppy goodness of Couple stands out in particular.

What you mean you've never heard of the 8-year old one-armed astronaut with asthma who also happens to be a recovering alcoholic, has only eight toes, seven fingers, one eye, 10 bald patches, one lung with one butt cheek who saved a space shuttle crew by piloting a Fokker Friendship into space (never done before, can die) , evading an army of alien cockroaches in the process and fighting off horny Sectoids with a torchlight before plummeting his plane into a mountain because he forgot to pump gas before taking off? You've not heard that story?

It's a good story.

The Times - Konfrontasi Primadona 1965 (from Nada Melankolik Malaya)
Couple - Come Back Again (from Top of the Pop)
Laila's Lounge - Warm Cherry House (Unreleased)

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