Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the papers today...

Korea might soon declare dogs in the same category as livestock. This essentially legalises the already-accepted consumption of dog meat, which apparently can be bought from between 120,000 won to 200,000 won (US$120-200). There's a pun somewhere in there about hot sausages, oblong bread and ketchup. Gimme a sec to figure it out...

This story reminds me of: Firewater - Three-legged Dog (from The Golden Hour)

Since the arrest of the polygamist Mormon sect in Texas, Time magazine contemplates the issue of what to do with the 416 children from that home. According to the article, "most have never... worn contemporary clothes". Well, neither has Win Butler, but I thought he turned out alright.

This story reminds me of: Frog Eyes - One In Six Children Will Flee In Boats (from The Golden River)

Tiger Woods will be out for four weeks to undergo surgery to his left knee. It's the second surgery he's had to his knee. It's also the second time that golfers round the world remember they own a trophy cabinet.

This story reminds me of: Ceasars - Paper Tigers (from Paper Tigers)

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