Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Soapbox - The Tidal Wave

Today’s Soapbox was brought to you by This Week’s Track 9.

The next day, Dog, Mickey Mouse and Rambo decided that they should, after all, cross the black river. They wanted to run free in the meadows beyond. Cat eventually agreed when Dog paid him in cold cash.

And so they set out, and as they were bobbing on the choppy waters, they were hit by a tidal wave. All the creatures were sent into the water. Dog’s paternal instinct kicked in and he swam towards Mickey Mouse and brought him to the shore. Cat clung to the raft with his retractable claws but screamed in horror all the way to the other side. And Rambo? Rambo drifted away.
The moral of the story, of course, is that you should never laugh at badgers.

Postmarks – You Drift Away (track 9 from The Postmarks)

Next on Soapbox: Death on the other side.

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