Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Release: The Sapiens - Vs. The Hornet

Any band that spreads their bread with a retro chunk of post-punk has no choice but to be stylish. And that's precisely what The Sapiens are. Major vogue action bursts forth from those razor black suits, right through the surge of 70s synthwork, and straight into the repressed consciousness where your closet Travolta resides. Even the Chicago Sun-Times has hailed them as "quite possibly the most stylish band in town right now."

All that makes me sad. Why can't my city call me "stylish" too? I mean, I also wear suits. Everywhere. To the park, the zoo, the the butterfly farm, the cherry orchard. So why can't I at least win my neighbourhood's fancy dress title, huh?

Oh, what's that? You're saying The Sapiens don't wear those kinda suits? Oh, you mean they were those kinda suits? As in, the whole shirt-coat-pants-shoes shindig? No wonder! I always thought my flippers and oxygen tank didn't quite have the versatility to fit any occasion. Darn it; shoulda asked grandma for clarification.

Track list:

1. Push Me
2. Void
3. Every Corner
4. Cry
5. Desperate Measures
6. Waitress, Waitress

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