Thursday, July 26, 2007

B-Side of the Week - I Gots The Magic

Lucky Soul
I Gots The Magic (from the Ain't Never Been Cool single)
(Ruffa Lane)

What do you do if you're a band from Greenwich? Get stuck in timezones, right? Right. And what do you do if you start your career opening shows for the Pipettes? You get stuck in that 50s girl group thing, right? Yeah, you're a smart-ass reader. More questions. What are you likely to get when you put all that Shangri-Las and Ronettes action against a more contemporaneous sound? What? You don't know who the Shangri-Las are? What's wrong with you? And how old are you anyway? Twelve? Guys, they don't know who the Shangri-Las are! What? You don't have their records? But you're both Pirates! What? Oh you're questioning MY record collection now? What do you mean I have no black metal records from the 70s? I gots tons of them! No, I will NOT name you five tracks from Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Look, why da heck are we talking about black metal anyway? I'm trying to talk about 50s girl groups and how Lucky Soul are carving out a niche for the genre's 21st century relevance. No, I do not just blog about the stuff I like. Yes. So what if I'm obsessed about 50s girl groups? No I am not. I am not. Say that one more time and I'll give you and your sexuality something to think about. Shut up you prick. The Shangri-Las were seminal. The Ronettes were seminal. Oh you're just saying that because Mr Wall of Sound Phil Spector produced their records. Man, you guys are such fascist dicks. What? You can't swear on this blog? Screw you. Lucky Soul kicks all your Flaming Lips ass back to Saigon. Oh I'll start shit on Wayne whatever. Yeah, he or anyone in your army. Yeah, you go ask him to pull out a b-side from his third single and I'll bring mine on. Mine on, you jerk. I'll bring I Gots The Magic. It's a b-side. That's my column. Yeah. We'll see who's gots the best damn b-side this side of the millennium. Oh whatever. You guys are losers. And yes, I know that it's called Ho Chi Minh City nowadays. Jerks.

Lucky Soul - I Gots The Magic

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