Friday, July 6, 2007

New release: Naif - Televisi

(Electrified Records)

With Indonesia being the current hotbed of indie rock in South East Asia, it comes as no surprise that indie veterans Naif are one of the scene's front-most flag bearers. These Jakarta art college grads pay homage to the idiot box with Televisi, their fifth album in 12 years that, although predominantly power pop, is also about as indecisive as a 12-year-old. The title track shimmies like it stole James Brown's shoes and Of Montreal's falsettos, while 'Di Mana Aku Di Sini' is the token lighter-in-the-sky ballad that you'll hum even when you pee. And the collective whole is pretty much an aural reenactment of the timeless activity of channel surfing.

Speaking of which, I wish surfboards could double up as remote controls. I mean, think about it: at the beach, surfers can use it to nail that killer hang-ten maneuver, while at home, they can prop it next to their beer and bag of chips. And if the visiting nephew tries to nick it away to change to Nickelodeon, then Mr Surfer can use it to bash the kid unconscious, or use the edges to slit bratty boy's throat. And then to clean the blood, he can just go for another surf.

Track list:

1. Televisi
2. Di Mana Aku Di Sini
3. Itulah Cinta
4. Ajojing
5. Tersenyumlah
6. Nyali
7. Kuda Besi
8. Kontak Jodoh
9. Bye Bye Baby
10. Katakan Iya
11. Superstar
12. Lagu Wanita
13. Haru Biru

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