Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who's Who at Baybeats 2007: Plainsunset

I've been told that for a local (Singaporean) band to close a stage at Baybeats, it is apparently an honour. Why? Same reason why we buy Ikea furniture instead of Hup Lee.

But if anything, this Lionsome foursome have built enough of a live reputation to close the Friday night stage with a decent bang. Expect plenty of mid-air moves and crowd brawls.

But seriously, local products have gotten heck of a lot better these days. Look at our national car. The design is bloody genius. I mean if you really blood it in, then your auto windows won't wind up anymore and all of a sudden your car feels likes its about 20,000 more expensive because it has that convertible impression. And if you seriously, seriously blood it in, the trunk won't close properly so you can actually feel like you own a semi-pick up truck and sit someone in it. And if all fails and you get bored with the design you can just knock it around a few walls and you can rehsape your car. I heard its a new technology called T.I.N.C.A.N.

Damn genious man.

Plainsunset - Closure (from The Gift)

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