Friday, July 13, 2007

Cover Story: Son Of A Preacher Man

Man swings by town with his not-so-little-anymore boy. man goes to the local parish. man preaches. not-so-little-anymore boy sneaks out with parish girl. they have good times.

that may or may not be the life story of some of the editors up here at Pirates. after all, pirates travel. and pirates dock. and pirates dig parish girls.

girls like dusty springfield. who sang the original.

boy is she hot.

Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man (from Dusty in Memphis)
Tanya Tucker - Son of a Preacher Man (from Tanya Tucker)
Natalie Merchant - Baby I Love You / Son of a Preacher Man (from limited edition of Tigerlily)
Joan Osborne - Son of a Preacher Man (from Early Recordings)

(happy birthday senior editor)


Audrey said...

Of course she's hot.
Just to share something else, since you're talking about good covers and hot babes from the past ... check out Janis Joplin's Me and Bobby McGee.

Genusfrog said...

oh boy, what a number. in 2002, jennifer love hewitt also did a version of me and bobby mcgee on her barenaked album.

this calls for another cover story.

Audrey said...

You CANNOT, CANNOT talk about J Joplin and JL Hewitt in the same blog. It cheapens you.

Genusfrog said...

but we're pirates. we have no class.

The Geek said...

but we have beards

Audrey said...

Trimmed beards ... not so credible anymore as pirates, hehe

The Geek said...

hey i can assure you mine got chopped off during some life threatening sword fight. my credibility still intact.

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