Monday, July 16, 2007

New Release: Tempered Mental - The View From Here

If you talked to me two years ago, you'd have known that Tempered Mental were uncontested in my hallowed list of the greatest Malaysian bands (and also right up there in the jostle for worst band names). Of course, if you talked to me then, you'd also have thought that Murni's nasi lemak was the world's greatest nasi lemak, and that my mum's roast chicken was untouchable.

But time shifts, and so do allegiances. Although in this case, I'm more inclined to believe that it isn't me who has become unfaithful, but Tempered Mental. No, it's not like they've gone and done a three-way orgy with electropop or something. It's more like they've forsaken the Spyro Gyra-meets-A Perfect Circle template that made them so seminal, and instead done some tonsil-hockeying with Chester Bennington and other nu-metal punkers.

The result is a long-awaited, mildly disappointing debut The View From Here. Unlike the refreshing unpredictability of Honestly (their 2004 "seven-track single"), this one has those chuggy grindcore guitars that you thought left God's green earth along with swimming trunks. I'm tempted to blame it on their lineup switch, roping in "Malaysia's Steve Vai" Jack to replace founding guitarist Khoo. The dude's got some blistering runs, sure, but what use is a shredder sans the pop sensibility?

Nevertheless, they don't suck. Not like their band name, at least. They're still a bitchin' live act, and 'Recall' demonstrates why that Melina-Jimmy rhythmic union is still watertight and quite alright. Plus, if you've never heard the band in their early years, then this is still likely to pee on most of the grub in your CD collection.

And so where's the best nasi lemak? I vote for the one near the Maybank in Seapark. Murni's still has the best naan though. And my mum's roast chicken? Don't eeeeven compare.

Track List:

1. Space
2. Design
3. Recall
4. Cold
5. Open
6. Undone
7. Simple
8. Nothingness
9. Superstar
10. Cross

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Joyce said...

I would love to get a copy, do you know where i can get one?

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