Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let's get lyrical, lyrical: Ferns - I Won't Forget

Dearest I'll break this word in two
And give a syllable to you

This heart's reserved for two
I'll share my seat and more with you

So I won't forget
These giddy feelings

And all the good things
I see you
I won't forget My one true calling And all the meaning I draw from you Dearest Wasn't it obvious An awkward boy should fall for you
If you would not mind
I'd sooner steal a kiss than rhyme

So I won't forget
These giddy feelings
And all the good things I see you
I won't forget
Our sweet endeavours
And all the wonders I dream in you

Why don't we
Try to be all we can be Why don't we Try to be all believe
Love is all that's truth to me

I've never been a sappy yappy. I mean what's the bloody point. No one in the last 2 decades has managed to do sappy as well as Air Supply. I mean what's more romantic than two big-haired dudes with exposed chest manes singing about two less lonely people in the world? Better still that one of them has a high-pitched wail while the other a low grunt. Woo hoo.

But Ferns, now Ferns have managed to restore some class into romantic sap. The first line qualifies as one of the smartest/sweetest thing ever said on any record. I would know, I am a sub-editor and I can honestly say, to break a syllable is not easy. In fact, it's downright impossible. Like how Tom Cruise can kung-fu kick his gun up from a pile of sand and take down the baddy. Or like how Singaporean food can sometimes taste good.

And love should be impossible, like breaking syllables. Who wants a two dates per-weekend kind of romance anyways. One should have a ninja-fighting/nuclear bom-defusing romance every week. What is love without some explosions and gunshots anyways? Haiyaaaaahhhh ... I love you. Die sucker ... let's go have dinner. Look out behind you ... yeah we can watch a DVD after that.

Damn cool right?

Ferns - I Won't Forget (from On Botany)

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