Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Let It Come Down

Price: RM10.00

I am going to lobby for some record store clerks to be given the Nobel Prize. Why? Because seriously, we talk a lot about how so much work done by so many people around the world is advancing so many fields but come on, what is it all for if we can't go back, slot a CD in and kick back to some orgasmic music. It means absolutely nothing. And on top of that, what's better than being able to do that for a measly sum?

Like this album by veteran shoegaze remnants Spiritualized I found in a Tower store over the weekend. It's not their best, sure. But after giving it a few spins, songs such as 'The Straight and Narrow' have slithered their way up the top of my favourite songs list. Cataclysmic in moments but absolutely gorgeous in the quieter bits, its an absolute steal at RM10.00.

So to the guys who man the Tower store in 1U, the work you guys are doing is seriously advancing the field of music and arts. Keep chucking them goodies into that bargain bin baby.

Spiritualized - The Straight and the Narrow (from Let It Come Down)

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b o o n said...

where did you get this beautiful album? so cheap!

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