Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Word for the week: Kind


I dropped my wallet in the car park of a shopping mall during lunch, and went back to work without realising it was gone, and received a call from a friend who said it was with a man, and got it back 15 minutes later. Which kinda suggests the word of the week should be "stupid", but the only song I got with that is Garbage's 'Stupid Girl'. And well, that's only half right.

Yo La Tengo - Pass The Hatchet, I'm think I'm Goodkind (from I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass)
I must confess: I struggled to keep awake when these indie gramps (and granny) played this one-riff-for-10-bloody-minutes song during their Singapore gig in March. But somehow, listening to it again through headphones is rather invigorating. So maybe it was the dim lighting.

American Analog Set - The Kindness of Strangers (from Know By Heart)
If all music were like this delicate piece of dream pop, decibel meter makers would be out of business.

Copeland - I'm A Sucker For A Kind Word (from Eat, Sleep, Repeat)
Trilly guitars, soaring "oooh"s, epic drum rolls—these emo upstarts sure like their genre's bread and butter. So do I.

The Observatory - Wonderkind (from A Far Cry From Here)
'Dreamy' is a convenient adjective to describe this mellow tune from the epitome of Singapore indie purity. Which is fairly accurate, if your dreams involve those creatures from Pan's Labyrinth.

Grateful Dead - One Kind Favor (from Birth of the Dead)
You know that you're old when your a band covers a 1920s number (a Blind Lemon Jefferson ori previously entitled 'See That My Grave Is Kept Clean'). You know you're older when your cover version has been around for the past 60 years.

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