Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who's Who at Baybeats 2007: Marchtwelve

I just want everyone to know that March 12 is just two days after my birthday. Why? Because during some dramatic juncture within the last six months, I realized that I have no financial capability to buy myself an iPod. Yep, not even a Nano. So if everyone can just contribute a buck here and there I should be able to get one by the turn of the century. Why you guys should do that? Because there is a thing called humanity, and there is seriously nothing more humane than buying someone an iPod. Yep, not even buying them a meal. Why? Because you shit out a meal the next day while the iPod is unlikely to go wonky for at least a week. A week man. So cool.

Oh yeah the band. Female fronted, soaring choruses and chunky riffy guitars. Its Rainer Maria minus the arty farts. They recently reformed after a short hiatus and are shaping up an EP for Baybeats. Woo hoo. Here's a rather old track.

Marchtwelve - Telephone (from the Three Letter Sessions B Compilation)

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