Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who's Who at Baybeats 2007: Azmyl Yunor & the Sigarettes (M'sia)

"Who cares about fashion man?", drawls Azmyl Yunor. "What does fashion have to do with art?" The crowd is divided. The passers-by are unsure about what they're gonna get but the regulars know he's on form. "Do you think Robert Johnson cared about his hair? HE DIED man! He died for his art. F*** the AIM man. All they know about is... hair."

Now, Azmyl Yunor is a funny guy. He's as funny as they come. And depending on what version of Azmyl Yunor you get when he shows up at Baybeats, you might either find him funny or mega ultra super funny. Like that day when he closed his eyes and played the verse of Coming Home a few times and never eventually made it into the chorus. Or that day when he was having so much fun, someone had to strap his guitar on for him while he bantered before the first song.

Ok so you don't know which Azmyl Yunor you'll get. But the one constant with Azmyl is that it'll be a bloody good time. Armed with his harmonica, mic-stand lifting antics, and the tendency to at some point roll of the floor, Azmyl and his non-smoking backing band the Sigarettes are this close to pulling off a showstopping, folk-rocking, Dylanesque-drawling festival debut.

So remember to shout during 'Makan Gaji'.

Azmyl Yunor - Makan Gaji (from Tenets EP)

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yes... that whats going on when the cat is away...

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