Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look what I found in the bargain bin

Dirty Three
(Touch and Go)

Sigur Ros
Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do

Price: RM10.00 each

Sigh, its the life ain't it? When you can kick back on a weekday night, with a whole season of Entourage in front of ya, a bag of Cheetos on the side and with the full knowledge that you picked up two darn blazingly good records for RM10.00 each during the course of the day.

Never mind that the Sigur Ros one degenerates into a fuzz of noise and bleeps after 20 minutes or that Warren Ellis' lines occasionally slips into quasi art rock arenas but hey, you have to pay proper respect where its due.

Okay I did not pick out of a bin per se. I mean if I did I probably would have to shoot the store attendant in the arm, put him in a figure four and force him to cough out his address. I would go over to the house and karate chop his kids and wife before dropping a smoke bomb and disappear like how all good samurais do.

Damn, I know my Japanese folklore.

Sigur Ros - Ba Ba (from Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do)
Dirty Three - Flutter (from Cinder)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

guys please tell me where did you find babatikidido at that price. i know i can get it at rock corner for RM30 but hey come on thats like 20 off. so pleaseeeee. here's my email feet_B@hotmail.com

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