Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who's Who at Baybeats 2007: Utopium (FRA)

What are the French absolutely top notch for? Headbutting yeah, that's right. You know what makes a good headbutt? A good head yes. You're on a roll. And you know what a good head can do? Well, besides putting together a Lego sculpture of Godzilla and remembering the names of all the Autobots in Transformers Generation 1, it can also make good music like this.

French band Utopium strides a blur line between stylish NY post punk ala Interpol with a dash of stomp box-prosthetics thrown in for a good sonic measure. Will perhaps provide a more subtle and classy alternative to the general emo bed-wetting that's going to happening all over Baybeats.

And no, none of them are named Thierry or Henry or Zinedine or Zidane or Youre or Sostupid.


Utopium - Maintenant Vous Pouvez Fermer Les Yeux (from No Memory Man)

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