Thursday, July 5, 2007

Who's Who at Baybeats 2007: Aloha (US)

You know what they say about festival closers? Come on, you know it. Come on. What? You mean you seriously don't know? Oh nothing, just that they pretty much have to kick everyone's (including the prudish old lady in the corner) ass straight up to their nostrils. Yeah!

The task of delivering that Power Rangers kick at Baybeats 2007 falls on American indie rock band Aloha. Tons of sweet picking guitars and breezy melodies cover Aloha's music from top to feet. One for the lovers perhaps.

Problem is, I don't think they are up to the brutal task of kicking everyone's face in. I mean, after The Posies delivered a literally bleeding performance last year, I don't think the blood-thirsty masses will be happy unless at the very least, one Aloha member brings out a medieval axe and lop off another's head. That would just about top The Posies. I mean if they seriously want to kick major butt, I mean I am not going to suggest thaaaaaaat strongly or anything but you know, they could take out a shoulder-mounting ray gun and start zapping the crowd to dust. I mean, they don't have to take the suggestion or anything. But yeah, that would be pretty much kick butt. Peace.

Here's a song from their 2006 album Some Echoes:

Aloha - Ice Storming (from Some Echoes)

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