Friday, July 20, 2007

Who's who at Baybeats 2007: Kate of Kale

The first time I saw Singaporean punk band Kate of Kale, it was in a brightly lit church in Bangsar. It was a Friday night and them and Pension State were in town for some good-natured punkalicious goodness. They were quite good. In a punk kind-of way. You know? The whole jumping like my ass is on fire thing. Or the whole I must keep a constant power chord downstroke action or the world could be destroyed thing. Or the whole I seriously need to pierce my nipples to prove I'm not gay thing. Yeah you know, things like that? Good in a punk kind-of way.

Though saying a punk band is good in a punk kind-of way is about as good as saying that KFC is nice in a fried chicken kind-of way. Or that Starbucks is good in a overpriced coffee kind-of way. Or that Conan is gay in a barbarian kind-of way.

Kate of Kale - On that Day (the Three Letter Sessions B compilation)

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