Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gig-gles: Bodysurf Music 10th Anniversary

So it's no Carling Weekend at Leeds and Reading or anything, but I reckon Malaysia's equivalent of the whole two-city party thing isn't exactly a shabby substitute. It's happening this weekend for Ipoh indie label Bodysurf's 10th anniversary, and the line up includes three bands from Southeast Asia's music capital Indonesia (including Bandung shoegazers Polyester Embassy, a pretty slick bunch), plus some of Malaysia's creme de la creme. And you don't have to pay a month's worth of nasi lemak to attend. Plus, if anything, it's like a middle finger flash to those big types who think that indie labels in this region have no future. Flash away, I say.

Kuala Lumpur
Venue: The Annexe, Central Market
Date: Friday, 27 July
Time: 7pm
Admission: RM15
Line up: Polyester Embassy (Bandung), Harmacy, KLPHQ, Furniture, Televators, Couple, sforzando! (after party at Loft, Zouk featuring Twilight Actiongirl and Poptastic! Army)

Venue: Babyface
Date: Sunday, 29 July
Time: 2pm
Admission: RM18, Pre Sale RM15 (limited to 200 people)
Line up: Polyester Embassy (Bandung), Cherrycola (Medan), Muck, Elmkids, The Rhaman, Myra, He-Libra, Hujan, Free Love, Harmacy

Polyester Embassy - Polypanic Rooms (from Tragicomedy)
Cherrycola - Berdegup (from upcoming debut album)

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