Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Verve Reunited

Band forms. Band breaks up ten years later. Band takes ten years to record their magnum opus. Such a shame it ended. Lead singer goes on to churn out decent albums that yield a few hit singles but nothing fanboys wake up in the night needing to change their pants over. Fanboys grow up. Fanboys find new bands to be fanboys over.

Band reforms.

Yes, The Verve have regrouped. The facts are as follows:

1. The original line-up (ie no Simon Tong) are back together.
2. They will record a new album this summer.
3. They have at least six shows booked this November.
4. I need to change my pants.

Last night, I was listening to a Richard Ashcroft acoustic version of Lucky Man as I tenderly fell asleep, tears falling on my feathered pillow. Today I wake up to this piece of news. What does that say about good luck? Nothing. It only says that I don't read news in the weekends, cos this story broke late Friday.

But why would I be reading the papers on a Friday evening anyway? On Friday, my girlfriend's pet salamander got infected with xeroderma pigmentosum and I had to trek into the jungles of Sandakan to retrieve the young sapling of the juncus bufonius and cure it before its poisonous salamandic breath killed half of my girlfriend's condominium, rendering me sad and single, or possibly dead.

Richard Ashcroft - The Drugs Don't Work (acoustic solo version, originally from Urban Hymns)

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