Saturday, July 21, 2007

Word for the week: Trip


The other pirates (and some pirettes) blindfolded me and hauled me to Malacca last weekend, where we ate five meals in 10 hours and gallivanted 'round the rustic town a lil'. I could live there.

Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip (live) (from Daydream Nation: Deluxe Edition)
The song's original demo, also included on this reissue, had Thurston Moore, one guitar and decipherable lyrics. Screw that; give us that atonal, wailing, shrieking racket, like this live version.

Kasabian - Last Trip (In Flight) (from Empire)
Brit dance rockers cook the Beatles in a primordial soup called Cream of Pink Floyd.

Stereolab - Extension Trip (from Aluminium Tunes)
Breezy, effortless and waltzing with more charm than a witchdoctor; why can't all trips be like this?

Tommy Emmanuel - Lady Daytripper Lady Madonna (from Great Tommy Emmanuel)
Just had to put this in. The bloke's performing in Singapore this weekend, and I'd have made the trip in two blinks if I hadn't already seen him perform. Twice.

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