Monday, July 9, 2007

Who's Who at Baybeats 2007: The Lovesong (HK)

Remember Whence He Came? Well I shouldn't ask as though they were an offshoot of Queen or something. But you know? That spunky emo rock band from the land of Dim Sum which played Baybeats a couple of editions back?

Anyways, The Lovesong are essentially Whence He Came minus one or two peas in the stew. Hong Kong has delivered its fair share of regionally-worthy indie rock acts in recent times. Hardcore veterans King Lychee springs to mind.

The Lovesong's brand of disco punk is seriously classy. Falling somewhere around Interpol's angular guitar assaults. What? I wouldn't know what classy is? Sure I do. It's about books and attendance right? I am damn good at faking my attendances. Damn right I'm classy.

The Lovesong - Eastern Moments Western Skies (from DD/MM/YYYY)

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