Friday, July 13, 2007

Birthday Brat

Yes, I turned 25 yesterday. In the spirit of narcissism, here are five bands who are as old as me, and almost as great, plus one who I'd gladly concede my superiority to if only they just kissed, made up and got that bloody world tour going.

Primal Scream
Arguably the most seminal of all those '82 start-up bands, the Bobby-Gillespie-plus-whoever-feels-worthy band grinds on.
MP3: Dolls (Sweet Rock 'n' Roll) (from Riot City Blues)

Can't believe these dudes are still around.
MP3: Tony Blair (non-album single)

The Might Be Giants
Since their formation, this alt-rock duo has lent their songs to kids shows, documentaries and Malcolm In The Middle. Meanwhile, I was a puffin in my Primary 4 school play.
MP3: With The Dark (from The Else)

Culture Club
No matter what he does, Boy George will always look uglier than my mum's placenta.
MP3: Mystery Boy (from Kissing to be Clever, Japanese edition)

The Pogues
Anglo-Irish punkers had their first breakup the same time as I did. We feel each other's pain (and subsequent pleasure).
MP3: Thousands are Sailing (from If I Should Fall from Grace with God)

PLUS: The Smiths
Yes, they're defunct. So, I'm cheating. But, it's my birthday. No, I'm not a brat.
MP3: What She Said (from Meat is Murder)

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