Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fad of the Land: Song Tapper

A while ago, we blogged about Midomi, that Stanford-invented site that allows people to hum a song into their computer and get that ever-elusive title. It was novel, but imperfect. Besides not responding entirely positively to lung-busting, wall-quivering baritones like mine, it also requires you to actually have a mic, and a somewhat-secluded space to conduct your song quest. NVSFW, sadly.

Behold, Song Tapper. It solves all of the above issues by utilising whatever you've got in front of you, literally. Thinking of a song but don't know the words or title? Tap the rhythm on your spacebar, and you get a pile of possibile suggestions that run the gamut of genres. Check out each one, hear some samples, and, by golly, pretty soon your dilemma is resolved.

Alas, only one question matters: does it survive my rigorous, Uber-Brainiac Scientists Monthly-approved test? Let's see. It interpreted my 'Joy to the World' as Dixie Chicks 'Not Ready To Make Nice', and my tap-perfect rendition of 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' became Cypress Hill's 'Boom Biddy Bye Bye'. So an outright failure? Well, I'll forgive it for now. After all, it is universally acknowledged that only the finest members of the International Dialogue of Intelligent, Otherworldly Terrapins (otherwise known as IDIOTs) are capable of deciphering the complex, polyrhythmic, paradiddlic strokes I frequently unleash on my keyboard. Heck, I'm so darn fast, my Num Lock key has my index fingerprint embossed on it. Spy agencies worldwide, beware. Yo ass is mine.


Division Day - Tap-tap, Click-click (from Beartrap Island) [BUY]

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