Monday, February 11, 2008

In the papers today...

Polaroid has pretty much closed shop. The purveyors of all snaps quaint and rustic had actually stopped producing cams about 18 months ago, and last Friday they officially shut down two plants in Boston, laying off 150 people in the process. Someone remind me to pay a visit to the museum in 2058.

This story reminds me of: Jessie & Layla - Rusty Old Camera (from Kinetic)

Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen recently sent his laptop for repairs, without remembering to remove over 1,000 pictures of him and his exes (which include some of HK's film darlings). The result? Sales of Edison Chen's laptop model went up 437%! (Like, duh.)

This story reminds me of: Hujan - Aku Scandal (from Check Check Rock Rock)

Amsterdam is making a move to close down its Red Light District. As part of concerted efforts to clean its global image, the most famed spot in that Dutch tourist capital might soon be home to galleries, boutiques and cafes. As long as they don't turn Ajax Football Club into some Teletubby studio, they can scrap all the hooker joints they want.

This story reminds me of: Travis - New Amsterdam (from The Boy With No Name)

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