Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jimmy Eat World Live in Singapore?

Don't quote us on this but papers have been pushed and agents contacted apparently and the bird on the wire singing that ELO disco song is chirping in an awful falsetto that plans are underway to get Jimmy Eat World's Arizona-roasted butts over to this region for some weepy guitar-loving.

We think that the 'don't quote us on this' term is one of the most brilliant things ever created by mankind besides deep fried vegetables and American Dad. Like every time us Pirates feel the need to collectively fart out random rumors such as this one, we can do so with no remorse should it not come to past. Like I can say, "Don't quote me but I think Jessica Alba farted during the wedding scene in Fantastic Four." Or we could day," Don't quote me seriously, but I think U2 is going to be playing at my 31st birthday barbeque next week. A huge party? Not at all, just ten fellas. Yeah they are doing small shows these days but hey, don't quote me on that." Or how about,"Don't quote me on this but Amy Winehouse is actually a man."

Err ...

Jimmy Eat World - Carry You (from Chase This Light)


Anonymous said...

wow! who's bringing em in?

The Geek said...

Don't quote us on this, but we seriously don't know.

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