Thursday, February 21, 2008

Word for the Week: Stomach


I've had diarrhoea for the past couple of days, a possible by-product of some Monday night lobster & crab pasta. So I went four times Tuesday, six times yesterday, and once (so far) today. Went where, you ask? Uzbekistan of course. Who doesn't already know that people with diarrhoea instantly go to Uzbekistan. They have budget flights going at two cupcakes a seat, with the option to upgrade to business class for the price of an additional marzipan. Next time you have the urge to purge, make the trip to that glorious nation. Helps heaps.

Broken Social Scene - Stomach Song (from Feel Good Lost)
The way this one floats on cool seas, you suspect the lads' stomachs have never known tumult. Or lobster & crab pasta.

Ben + Vesper - The Stomach (from All This Could Kill You)
Hubby and wife wobble and whistle their way through the boulevard of weary, never-to-be-fulfilled whims.

T-Pain featuring Tay Dizm - Yo Stomach (from Epiphany)
Mr Vocoder spins an ode to his honey's six pack, "because there's nuthin else to bust a nut on." I agree, dude; I like always open cashews with my navel.

Stereolab - Stomach Worm (from Peng!)
At last, a bona fide churner that I can relate to. Ooo boy, time to go again.

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