Thursday, February 28, 2008

B-Side of the Week - We Were Lovers

Bloc Party
We Were Lovers (from the The Prayer single)

I used to be called The Sphynx. Yeah, those were the days when I travelled across Egypt, hunting for the great liquid onyx of Akhenaten. I eventually found it, and sold it for twelve diamond mines in Burundi.

Before that, I was called The Scimitar. Back then, I traversed the Arabian plains for the elusive tahr goat. I eventually found it, and donated it's prized sphincter towards the eventual discovery of the cure for sleep apnea.

And when I was even younger, they called me The Great Vegan Son Of Kangkung Belacan Minus The Belacan. Those were the days where I... well... umm.... I just kinda didn't eat meat and stuff. Look, it made me a strong man aight? Try fending off Egyptian girls in excavation gear!

As for this b-side? It used to be called Into The Blue and Cells Shaped Like Stars. True story. Bloc Party played it live prior to releasing last year's album before they finally decided it was shit. Just like kangkung belacan minus the belacan. Blergh.

Bloc Party - We Were Lovers

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