Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonic Youth Live in Malaysia?

Well grab yourselves a photon rocket launcher and blast me to B-movie purgatory - is it true?

We are not quite sure. But things are hardly ever sure around Pirate central anyways. The only thing we are categorically sure of is that Mos Burger makes the damn best burgers on the planet, pork sausages are better than chicken sausages and (this by Pantsy's request) soup is glorified boiled water.

And sure, many people would say that all we seem to want to talk about is food, but what is there to our existence anyways besides food? Love? Overrated and impractical. Sex? Too easily available. Now, a dripping and juicy BBQ rib, now that's the answer to the mystery of the universe there my ignorant friends.

PS: That picture above finally confirmed my suspicions on why Thurston Moore still can still look good in a damn tight tee at the age of 49. He's an alien. They all are. Slimy buggers.

Sonic Youth - Teen Age Riot (from Daydream Nation)

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