Monday, February 11, 2008

New Release: Mind The Gap Volume 1

Kudos to Mind the Gap. This six-month old gig organising collective have made it their mission to evangelise this region with the gospel of Thai indie, beginning with a bunch of weekly gigs featuring the ocean of unspotted acts around Bangkok, and coupling that with regular nationwide gallivants to the nether regions of their great Siamese kindgom.

And in true adherence to the holy tome of how to promote your ditties, they've come out with a compilation. Judging from some MySpace listens, this bundle has got that 1970s CBGB punk feel to it (right down to that grimy ode-to-London-tube cover). Its fi is lower than a joke about amputees, but barks like the cedars of Lebanon. No, make that the oaks of Kathmandu. Actually, more like the firs of Bratislava. Oh wait, it's closer to a tiger's testicles. Yeah, that's about right. You ain't ever gonna find something as solid.

Track list:

1. Cuckoo! - As What You Want
2. Tabasco - Stop It
3. Tender Preys - Steak Man
4. Mhee Noi - Wat Panthip
5. Zero Hero - Rich
6. Revenge Of The Cybermen - The Beast
7. Naked - Turn On The Radio
8. The Standards - Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
9. Samurai Loud - This Nite
10. Happy Buddha - Mun Ma Noi Jai Jing Jing
11. Caramel Camel - Money Takes Control
12. Super Dr K - Love This For The Money

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Beady said...

Hey guys, thanks for the blog. Nice to know that we are the cat's nuts in Singapore. Here's some more links for kick ass Thai bands ;)


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