Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunburst Festival release timetable

Some statements sound plain weird. 'Malaysia's premiere music festival' would be one of those phrases, right up there with 'Pantsy's smallest bicep', or 'Pantsy's finest body part'. Like, ain't redundancy just so irritatingly, annoyingly, gallingly pissing off? Sheesh.

But ah well. When short on options...

Malaysia's premiere music festival, Sunburst KL International Music Festival, has released their timetable. Come March 15th, in the grand tradition of festivals that are bound to frustrate with a slew of clashing acts, attendees will be forced to choose between:
  • George Clinton, Bittersweet and Love Me Butch
  • The Roots and Meet Uncle Hussain
  • John Legend and Hujan
  • Y2K and the candy floss stand.
Sigh. Some decisions are so tough to make. Thank God for the easier ones.

To view the timetable, click here.

George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic - Atomic Dog (from Computer Games)
The Roots - Next Movement (from Things Fall Apart)
Meet Uncle Hussain - La La La Kerjalah (from Kami: Music Inspired By Kami The TV Series)
Raul Midon - Sunshine (from State Of Mind)


Rafi animates said...

George Clinton wins, every time. :)

enjoy the festival!

Pantsy said...

yeah i guess he does. he's such a champ.

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