Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let's get lyrical, lyrical: Hot Toddies - HTML

HTML is not hard to spell,
When I'm with you, when I'm with you
Binary code is just ones and ohs
I thought you knew

You are so swell, just like DSL
You touched my modem, you touched my modem.
We went to the bop, my heart gigaflopped
When I saw your...

W W W, whoa-oa-oa
dot com

I typed OMG, should be you and me
You wrote LOL, wrote LOL
My browser froze right down to my toes,
I said go to hell.

I should have seen, I'm only 15
And you're 32, you're 32
You don't love me, I went and asked Jeeves
He told me it's true, told me it's...

W W W, whoa-oa-oa
dot com

Last night while you were offline,
I googled your name
And I found out that you're a 40 year old intertube salesman from Ohio!
WTF?! I thought you were the one for me
But you're just a major loser
And now I will always be... lonely girl 15.

W W W, whoa-oa-oa
dot com

Do I need to explain why this song needs an entry? To explain this would be for me to explain the theory and matter behind the existence of the universe and the foundations of transcending spirituality. Oh you still need me to anyway? Hot chicks. Yeah that's it. As soon as you have that, everything makes more sense.

The Hot Toddies - HTML (from Smell the Mitten)

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Kebabette said...

It's precious, thank you

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