Monday, February 4, 2008

We're back from Big Day Out (and a few days around)

We're back. Burnt. Bloated. And buzzing with a new site design. Methinks it needs a tagline, but I'm not that clever to come up with one. I mean, my neuroscience professor seems to disagree, as do my 2,148 oncology students who handstiched a "welcome back" doormat for me and organised a city-wide parade in my honour. But seriously, I'm no genius.

Ok coming up, Big Day Out reports, bargain bin finds and more site tweaks. Feel free to suggest anything you'd like to see. (Yes, that's talking to all twenty-two hundred million, six hundred and ninety seven thousand, three hundred and eleven people that read this blog every day. You're so special.)

New Buffalo - Come Back (from The Last Beautiful Day)

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