Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Release: Intensive Care - All the People Hear With Me EP

Intensive Care - All the People Hear With Me EPSo we're a little behind with all the new, good stuff that's been crowding our mailbox over the past month. I blame it on the rising price of linear low density polyethylene. What, you mean you don't know how that matters in the global scheme of things? You're so lucky. Stuff like that affects me deeply, man. Haven't slept for 16 minut...


Whaa... Oh yes, new, good stuff. Thought I'd start with one of the better ones, the sophomore EP of these lo-fi loving, genre blending Canadians. Yeah, where else? Long live Montreal, and whatever freakin' pills they're adding to those beef bagels. I've already placed my first order of eight bagels. I might end up looking like a fat arse, but I'll also have that Song of the Year Grammy locked up for at least two decades. And nuthin' else matters, y'all.

Track list:

1. Sirenhorses
2. Memorandom

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